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How We Help

We pride ourselves on being a value-added partner for the founders and CEOs of our companies. We work closely with our management partners to develop a game plan for each company to help them grow and help solve their challenges related to growth, and in so doing, take their business to new heights. 

Intentional Strategic Leadership

We work to provide intentional and accountable strategic business leadership, helping our CEO partners to set objectives, define measurable key results and build executable plans focused on creating long-term shareholder value.

Successful Growth Plan

We work closely with our management partners to develop a comprehensive plan for growth that aligns stakeholder interests and addresses the challenges that a company can face related to growth.

Deep M&A Expertise

We capitalize on many years of successful transaction and corporate development expertise to help companies think about and execute on inorganic growth programs for all types of strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Data & Technology Driven Business Solutions

We work to innovate private investing and help our companies succeed by bringing the latest technology, systems and data analytics to business processes and decisions as well as capitalizing on our experience investing in new technologies.

Comprehensive Capital Formation

We bring deep experience in capital markets and capital formation to our companies to support their growth plans, having completed transactions with more than $30 billion in aggregate consideration over the last 20+ years.

Creating Strong Employee Opportunities

We believe employees are the heart and soul of every business and that the best employers build the best businesses. By working to create long-term employee opportunities, we strive to foster a productive and positive employment environment.

Fostering Ownership Alignment

Fostering strong ownership alignment is critical to the successful growth and development of a company. We work with our management partners to find ways to ensure that everyone has opportunities to win at the same time.

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