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Building Great Middle Market Companies

At Clear Heights Private Equity, we invest in exceptional leaders of small and mid-size businesses and work with them to build great middle-market companies.

We emphasize partnering with expert CEOs with whom we can build longstanding business partnerships. Our approach is thesis driven, identifying sectors where we believe there is opportunity for long-term consolidation and organic growth. We employ a platform building or roll-up strategy investing additional capital and growing businesses through acquisition and expansion over-time.

We strive to add value beyond capital to our management partners by helping to organize the company for growth. We bring significant expertise in systems, technology and the application of data to our companies to help them succeed. We are mission driven and employ proactive ESG principles, particularly focused on the employees of our companies, because we believe the best employers build the best businesses.

We typically target companies with initial EBITDA of up to $20m in sectors including consumer, business, industrial and financial services that present attractive consolidation opportunities.


If you're a CEO of a company of this size in one of these sectors, give us a call! 

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