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Our Story

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Clear Heights Capital is a private investment organization formed by Wray Thorn. Wray is deeply involved in building and leading businesses to source, structure, finance and make private investments as well as helping companies, organizations and executives realize their growth and development objectives. With nearly three decades of experience as a CIO, investment lead and lead director, Wray has firsthand knowledge of investment firm leadership, private investing and company value creation. Wray has also been at the forefront of proactive ESG principals putting people first in private investing as well as applying data & technology to innovate private investing. Wray has been involved in ~290 transactions, add-on acquisitions, realizations, corporate financings, fundraisings and other principal transactions with aggregate consideration in excess of $32bn, including direct private equity, venture and 3rd-party managed fund investments representing more than $2.8bn in invested capital. Wray has been a part of driving shareholder value creation and corporate growth as a member of boards and committees of more than 30 companies and investment funds. Wray's long-standing reputation for integrity, entrepreneurial drive and commitment to building formidable partnerships are the guiding principles that form the foundation of Clear Heights Capital.

Our Mission

We're here to foster the significant growth and development of the companies with which we work.
Our mission is your company's success.

Our Core Values

We are defined by our core values, believing strongly that there is a right way to do business. We are committed to operating in an equitable and inclusive manner in everything we do. We strive to work with business partners who share our values and who desire to operate ethically and transparently.

  • Honorable Excellence: get the right results in the right ways

  • Enduring Relationships: build connections that last

  • Creativity and Innovation: always be thinking of new and better ways to do things

  • Teamwork and Inclusion: work collaboratively and respectfully with others around us

  • An Ownership Mindset: act like principals and good stewards deserving of our partners trust

Community Principles

At Clear Heights, ESG principles are foundational, highly intentional and embedded in our values and how we do what we do. We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion in our business practices and devoted to creating equitable opportunities in the pursuit of our mission to take businesses to new heights. Clear Heights Capital is dedicated to giving back and helping our surrounding communities flourish through greater opportunities. In that regard, we have a long-standing and deep commitment to youth in New York City through our relationship with and support Youth INC, a venture philanthropy organization that transforms the lives of NYC youth by empowering the non-profits that serve them.

Glass Buildings

What We Do Is In Our Name

The Clear Heights name and brand is reflective of what we do, reinforcing our values and mission to take businesses further. Clear, as in transparent and a well-defined approach to assist businesses in realizing more opportunity...Heights, representing a high standard in the way we conduct business as well as our commitment to achievement and growth. The uniquely crafted “c” icon is intended to suggest focus and vision, looking at opportunities from different perspectives with clarity and purpose. Putting it all together, our long-term focus is to take businesses to new heights.

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