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Taking Businesses
to New Heights

We are an experienced private investment partner committed to helping companies realize their growth and development objectives.


Founded on an extensive history of partnering with expert founders and CEOs, we invest in and help to grow companies through hands-on business building expertise. We are committed to employing proactive ESG principals, putting people first in private investing, and to applying data & technology to innovate and drive new ways for companies to succeed over time.

We strive to be our partners' confidant, coach and first call when they need it most. Through intentional strategic leadership, deep M&A expertise, data & technology driven solutions and comprehensive capital formation, we work together with our management partners to create an environment for growth and help take businesses to new heights.

We focus on two types of investments: early stage ventures and middle-market private equity.

We Build

We Work to Build ...

Growing Companies

We believe long-term value creation is related to repeatable and scalable growth. We work to help expert CEOs build a successful and executable plan for organic and acquisition-related growth in the companies with which we work.



We put people first and believe long-lasting relationships are foundational. We approach our relationships with fairness, respect and transparency and look to work with partners again and again over for many years.

Business Solutions

We endeavor to capitalize on our significant experience investing in new technologies and bringing data analytics, systems & technology to innovate private investing and to help companies grow and succeed.

Long-Term Value

We think long-term, employing a consistent, disciplined and patient approach to value creation over extended periods of time. 

Equitable Opportunities

We believe in investing in companies that also put their people first and strive to create rewarding environments and opportunities for all employees.

Support Consulting

At Clear Heights we look to invest in and work with companies with outstanding CEOs and help these leaders achieve their growth and development objectives through extensive hands-on business building expertise.

Our Criteria

The Right Fit


Have Exceptional Leaders and Teams

Companies led by extraordinary entrepreneurs with intense grit, vision & competence who want to continue to grow their businesses.

Growth Icon.jpg

Have a 

Rock Solid Plan

Businesses that have established a solid trajectory, strong thesis and supportable future growth game plan.

Defense Icon.jpg

Stand-Out in
Your Market 


Companies that are well positioned in their target markets with distinctive and defensible products and services.

You could be a great fit for an investment from and partnership witfh us if you...

Team Icon.jpg

Believe in the Importance
 Your People

Organizations who recognize employees are foundational and foster a rewarding environment for all team members.

Private Business.jpg

Are Based

in North America

Companies that are headquartered in and growing throughout North America.

From Founders & Management Partners

Margot Greenman.jpg

"I had the pleasure of working with Wray for almost 7 years as one of our 4 person board.  During that time, I called on him many times to talk through different situations I was dealing with as CEO.  He provided perspective that helped me to see a bigger picture over a longer time frame, enabling me to make more strategic decisions and avoiding potentially short-sighted moves that would not have necessarily best served our interests. As a straight shooter, Wray was adept at delivering difficult feedback, but he also engaged deeply with me to discuss the issues raised and kept an open mind, so the conversations were productive and positive.  His integrity and commitment in all walks of life is both an inspiration and an example.  Wray does what he says he will consistently and is willing to use his personal assets for our collective success, making him someone I trust to help me make my most important company decisions."

Margot Greenman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Captalys

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